This website is hosted by Dr. Robert DeCandido, PhD, better known around Central Park as "Birding Bob," who has led guided walks in the park for over 20 years.  He is joined in leading the walks by Deb Allen, a noted New York City bird and nature photographer.  They're featured in this online video about Central Park birdwatching produced by the Village Voice.   We invite you to join us to watch and study the approximately 235 species of birds that either live year-round in Central Park, winter here, or visit New York City during the spring and fall migrations.
Your home for information on the guided bird walks led each week in
New York City's Central Park  by Dr. Robert "Birding Bob" DeCandido
copyright ©Robert DeCandido PhD

     This 7-minute film is a great way to get introduced to Bob.  Follow him through
Central Park on a walk. Get a sense of the park's incredible beauty, along with Bob's background and expertise, his passion for birding, and his sense of humor.

     Please make payment to Bob DeCandido or Deb Allen in cash at the start of the walk, thanks.  Walks last approximately three hours, but you're free to leave anytime, of course.  If you're late for the start just call 347-703-5554 (Debs' cell phone) to catch up with the group -- but be advised that she may not be able to answer because she is busy ... or your message is delayed because of coverage problems in the park. If you are concerned about the weather call us the night before at home (until 10pm: 718-828-8262) or the morning of the walk (we are awake by 6am) to ask if the walk is still on or cancelled due to rain or snow.

    Many walks start at the Boathouse (approx. 74th street and the East Drive), or the Dock on Turtle Pond (79th street in the center of the park next to Delacorte Theater).  We generally end our walks (about three hours later) at the (Loeb) Boathouse where you can
Note: Monday & Friday walks resume in March. 
Sunday walks run all year long.

Central Park Boathouse  9:30 am  $10
February 19, 26
March 5, 12, 19, 26 
April 2, 9, 16, 23, 30
May 7, 14, 21, 28

Sunday, 19 February - Van Cortlandt Park for Owls Meet at the Golf Course Parking Lot at 5:30pm - $10.  If coming via car, set your GPS for this address: 115 Van Cortlandt Park South, 10471 Bronx.  We expect to be out about 60 min to 90 min in search of Eastern Screech-owls. We want to do two sites: near the Golf Course and then drive north along Broadway for five minutes to the Riding Stables (called "Riverdale Stables") parking lot at the very north end of Van Cortlandt Park - and try for owls near there. On 24 December we easily found owls at both locations. The VC Golf Course parking lot is also easily accessible via train/bus. Call us for help/directions getting to that site (#1 train, then last stop (242nd St.)  on free shuttle bus starting at 137th St., then walk east with the handball courts on your right toward the lake; Meeting place is the Golf Course Club House on the lake.
Please have a look at Bob's weekly narrative report on what was seen on his Central Park walks in recent days and weeks.  A good way to predict what birds you might possibly see on this week's walks.
Top row: (l to r)  barred owl, hermit thrush, great horned owl, ring-necked duck, red-tailed hawk.   Middle row: (l to r) American coot, American tree sparrow, red-bellied woodpecker, northern cardinal, red-headed woodpecker, pine siskin, house finch. Bottom row (l to r):  wood duck, cooper's hawk, hooded merganser (above), eatern towhee (below), brown creeper, cedar waxwing.  Photos by Deb Allen.
On a Bob birdwalk a visitor from Monaco is thrilled when a tame black-capped chickadee comes to her hand to grab a peanut.
get coffee ($2.25), muffins and cookies ($2.00) plus sandwiches ($5-$8) and french fries ($2.75).  Bathrooms are located in two places: inside (better) the Boathouse in the bar that is adjacent to the Boathouse Cafeteria or outside on the east side of the Boathouse.   Bathrooms also available on the west side of the Delacorte Theater near the Dock at Turtle Pond.  Please note that the Boathouse is located at the Southeast corner of the lake.  It is not located at the nearby Conservatory Waters -- also called the Model Boat Pond or Sailboat Pond -- a small body of water completely surrounded by concrete, and closer to 5th Ave.  If you find yourself at the Model Boat Pond just take one of the paths headed into the interior of the park and you will come across the Boathouse in just a few hundred feet.

     Friday walks generally meet at Conservatory Garden, 105th street and 5th Avenue (just inside the main gates). There are bathrooms open year-round at Conservatory Garden.

     While most bird walks last about three hours, you are free to leave at any time. We won't take it personally. We have an extra pair or two of binoculars to rent, so if you want to rent a pair, just call or email before the walk to let us know ($10). Also, if you are thinking of purchasing new binoculars, ask us - we probably have used them, and we will let you know how to get them for the best price. These days we like a relatively unknown brand by the name of Zen-Ray, specifically their 8 x 43 (ED3 model) for about $400; or the Nikon Monarchs for about $300... Look for used binoculars on Ebay too - good deals can occasionally be found there especially on Swarovksi 8x32 binocs.

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